There are some points by which you can understand, how important to reskilling:

1- Today, an employee in even non-tech roles need to know tech, leading to higher demand for skilling. As for age, it is not that a 50-year-old is over the hill and can’t be reskilled. Track record and attitude matter more.

2- Reason to Re-skill:

  • Frequent technology changes
  • The shorter shelf life of skills
  • To mitigate the risk of obsolescence/ pink slip.
  • The route to career growth.
  • A college education can not meet job needs for a lifetime
  • Companies want digital-aware talent.


3- Today, Human life has become like a smartphone-you have to frequently upgrade the device and download a new version of the OS.

4- If you want a product economy, you need to accelerate learning.

5- The current times have proven that our world can change faster than we imagined.

6- The half-life of knowledge is reducing more rapidly than ever. The subject knowledge taught in college often becomes redundant by the time one graduates.


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